First Bible Printed in the US

During the Revolutionary War it was difficult for people to import Bibles to these shores due to embargoes and blockades. So an enterprising printer from Philadelphia began to print a small King James version Bible at his own expense. This edition was small enough to fit in a coat pocket. The printer was Robert Aitken. Aitken petitioned the Continental Congress, for whom he had done other print jobs, to approve his Bible and later to provide support for it. Congress did give modest recognition to his project, but never gave any monetary support. In the end Mr. Aitken lost a significant sum on this project, but today you can find at least one internet source selling individual pages from that Bible at exorbitant prices. Today Bible printing has become big business, and there are more versions and editions than any one person would ever want. But it is well to remind ourselves that these riches were not always the case in America. Furthermore, Robert Aitken stands as one more example of the type of American entrepreneur that has contributed to the greatness of this country. He saw something that needed doing, and set out at personal expense to get it done.