Freedom and the Bible

The Bible is both a cause and a support of American freedoms. It is no accident that totalitarian regimes the world over have made efforts to suppress free access to the Bible. Despite differences of interpretation, and conflicts over its applications to politically charged issues, the Bible continues to undergird American freedoms. To the extent that the people look to the Bible as a source of higher principles, transcendent ideas, and moral guidance; to that extent they will not tolerate political agendas that threaten these beliefs. The Bible has led Americans to insist that human government is not God, and that the Living God of Holy Scriptures will bring all into judgment. Thus the individual conscience before God has been one of the constant refrains of biblical faith, and a major guardian of American principles of freedom. It is an interesting irony that the very conflicts which have historically marked American uses of the Bible, are also the marks of the freedoms derived from it.