Fifty Shades of Sexual Appetite

Current Hollywood trends exhibit for us the state of sexuality in America today. We have arrived at the place where the only sexual appetite generally condemned by the public is the appetite of the pedophile. All else is excused and even celebrated. This poses a crisis for Christianity because, as C. S. Lewis long ago observed, either Christianity is wrong or current sexual mores are wrong. We cannot have it both ways.

These social-moral changes have been in the works for decades with respect to heterosexual behavior, but are now expanded to include all that the LGBT communities are fighting for. If this trajectory continues the time will come when so-called “open marriages” involving any kind of mixture of partners will be celebrated. Already it is clear that the larger culture gives no consideration to the historic Judeo-Christian view of marriage as that which was created and defined by God. Even many who profess to be Christians show little to no evidence that they are seriously guided by biblical teachings.